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    Pet Medics

    Filmed in New Zealand’s picturesque east coast region, this series follows a vet practice that tends to a small town c...

  • Reel Late With Kate thumbnail

    Reel Late With Kate

    Reel Late with Kate is a film review show for TV3 on Sundays at 10.30pm....

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  • The 200 KG Kid thumbnail

    The 200 KG Kid

    At only fifteen Haumoana Kopua weighs almost 200 kilograms and is eating himself to an early death. A gastric-banding op...

  • The Big Experiment thumbnail

    The Big Experiment

    This is a TV show that radically changes people’s identities to walk a day in someone else’s shoes. Makeup and prost...

  • The Palace thumbnail

    The Palace

    This series is like Fame but real – super hot dancing by gifted young people trying to take their talent to the world ...