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Mama Anika

Mama Anika

A modern family with everyday challenges is at the heart of this series based on one of New Zealand’s funniest entertainers, Anika Moa. Anika is mum to three kids, twins Pipi Aroha and Sonny, and baby Bruce as well. She’s a fun and down-to-earth mum who does her best but is learning on the job. Anika’s character was once a well-known singer (which her kids do not believe at all) but now she’s all about family, trying to raise her kids with heart, humour and honesty. This series deals with contemporary themes kids face such as screen-time overuse, social media and being popular but it’s usually Anika that gets schooled along the way.

Cameron Chittock

Executive Producer(s):
Charlotte Purdy

Production Year

TV Series